ES Systems are a team of highly experienced Information Technology Consultants. Our experience over the years has covered most industries. We provide IT consultancy to businesses and organisations throughout the UK and internationally.


Our philosophy:

ES-Systems philosophy is defined by the term ‘Aiming for Excellence’. This philosophy underpins how we deliver our implementation and support services and drives the performance of all our staff towards excellence in service delivery. The philosophy is based upon four key principles.

* Leadership at all levels within the organisation
* Role Clarity
* Accountability for performance
* Open Communication

In relation to our staff and our customers, this means:

* Our ‘Aiming for Excellence’ philosophy informs how we deliver our actions and is the driving force behind providing a better quality of service for our customers
* We value and support our customer, and are fully committed to supporting them in order to deliver our vision
* Every member of staff plays a key role in shaping and improving the service delivered by ES-Systems
* We have a clear vision for the organisation underpinned by our core values
* Our staff understands ‘what’ they need to deliver and the ‘standards’ we expect of them
* We have accountability for performance at all levels of the organisation

These principles provide the mechanisms through which ES-Systems delivers its vision of being the best in the SAP Business One community and describe the way in which our people are led, organized, managed and developed in order to deliver a better service to our customers.

Why Choose Us?

Our clients choose us for three reasons:

* We’re business people first. We know what it’s like on the client side. We’ve run are indeed a business and have been responsible for building sales and profits. We supply SAP Business One in strategic terms, taking into account business objectives and organisational resources to deliver results.
* Service. We listen. We internalize. We’re responsive. The partners remain involved in projects from start to finish. Our projects are delivered on time and on budget.We don’t do “one size fits all”, but rather tailor solutions to a client’s needs, focusing on getting the job done right so it will produce results.
* Pragmatic perspective. Since our first experience implementing SAP Business One, we’ve been pragmatists about the role of an ERP System in modern business, implementation must be grounded in reality, framed in the context of strategic goals, and integrated with a company’s marketing and communications mix.
If the ES-Systems approach is in line with how you’re thinking about your Accounting System replacement, we’d love to discuss it with you. Please drop us a line on our contact page.

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